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Satakunta Enduro CUP ry. on enduron harraste- sekä muita urheilutapahtumia organisoiva järjestö. Se on myös enduroharrastajien etuja ajava rekisteröity yhdistys. Etuja ajetaan mm. järjestämällä erilaisia ajo-sekä valmennustilaisuuksia lajin harrastajille. Toiminta aloitettiin syksyllä 2003, yhdistys rekisteröitiin virallisesti elokuussa 2009.

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25.09.2016 | 16:54

Miesmuistiin ei ole Punkalaitumen seudulla ollut näin kuivaa syksyä. Tuo kallion ylittävä lähtönousukin pölisi reippaanlaisesti ajajien lähtiessä tutustumiskierrokselle. Huomaa portaattomasti säädettävä lähtöleimausalusta

Kuudes kerta ja senkun pidot aina paranee

Hyvä on ollut suuntaus kun aina ollaan pystytty vähän petraamaan myhäili Vaskunlahden Juha jolla tuo päävastuu reitistä oli tänäkin vuonna. Juha on jo toisen polven moottoriurheiluvetäjiä Punkalaitumella sillä hänen isänsä Esko Vaskunlahti oli jo 60-luvulla järjestämässä noita Lintukankaan motocross ajoja paikkakunnalla.

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"Kyllä se hyvin pitkälti on ton Seppon vika että täällä yleensä ajetaan" naureskelee Metsärannan tilan isäntä Arvo Marttila. Piti alunperin tehdä metsälenkki hevosille mutta alue oli liian kivinen ja kannokkoinen. Bensiinikannua tuomassa Seppo Manninen. Kuvan siisti Suzuki oli muuten sunnuntaina myynnissä joten kyselkää jos kiinnostaa, kuutioita taisi olla 65

Metsärannan kuninkuus 2016

Tämän vuotisen kuninkuuden vei siis nimiinsä Vantaan Janne Rantanen. Kovin pisti kampoihin kuitenkin viime vuotista kuninkuutta puolustanut Porin Juha Vuoriniemi Viimevuotinen Juhan 12 sekunnin kaula vaihtui nyt 10 sekunnnin kaulaksi Jannen eduksi. Kolmannelle pallille saatiin komeasti uutta voimaa Tampereelta, 125 kuutiosella ajanut Erkka Soilumo. Todennäköistä on että Erkasta saadaan vielä jatkossakin kuulla, sen verran enemmän kokemusta omaavia isompien pyörien kuljettajia tämä nuorimies ohitti.

- Metsäranta GP 2016 tuloksia napsauttamalla kelloa!

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Metsärannan kalliot vaan kumisivat kun kajautimme ilmoille laulun Arvon syntymäpäivän kunniaksi

Aloitimme ajajakokous-tilaisuuden klo 10:45

Me, "Metsärannan mieslaulajat" aloitimme ajajakokouksen kajauttamalla "dir.mus." Juha Vaskunlahden johdolla tilanomistaja Arvo Marttilan syntymäpäivän kunniaksi komeasti ilmoille Mildred J.Hillin sävelmän Happy Birthday / Paljon Onnea, suomalaiset sanat Sauvo Puhtila.
Toisena sävelmävaihtoehtona meillä oli plakkarissa Arvon mekin ansaitsemme, suomalainen vanha kansansävelmä. Katsoimme kuitenkin ensinmainitun riittäväksi tällä kertaa äänihuulten avaamiseksi.

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Download E-books The Body Ecology Guide To Growing Younger: Anti-Aging Wisdom for Every Generation PDF

| November 25, 2016 | admin | 0

As child boomers, we are a iteration that has remodeled society. How do we redefine getting older? This publication offers a blueprint for restoring an essential friendship with bodies and, in flip, renewing our bond with the earth. It exhibits us how we will dwell fuller, more healthy, extra significant lives.

A interesting mixture of state of the art clinical details, sensible well-being recommendation, and religious knowledge, the child Boomer nutrition is suitable for individuals of any age. Written through Donna Gates-theoriginator of physique Ecology,a world-renowned approach of healing-this long-awaited booklet means that we do not easily need to age gracefully, we will be able to age with panache.
What's inside of This Groundbreaking Book:
  • Anti-aging treatments that might make you look and feel younger
  • The lacking piece to all conventional vitamin programs
  • Insight into why we age and the way we will hinder it
  • Little-known health secrets and techniques that handle the stresses and pressures of our smooth world

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Download E-books The 3-Season Diet: Eat the Way Nature Intended: Lose Weight, Beat Food Cravings, and Get Fit PDF

| November 25, 2016 | admin | 0

By John Douillard

* Do you drink espresso within the morning to get your day started?

* Do you're employed via lunch?

* Do you crave candies or a snooze within the afternoon?

* have you ever attempted shedding weight some time past 3 years and given up?

* Do you are inclined to have bouts of fear, anxiousness, and depression?

* Do you've trouble remembering things?

If you do, this booklet can help you fix stability for your everyday life. by means of following its uncomplicated directions for consuming meals acceptable to every season, adjusting your nutrition in your physique style, consuming on the optimum time of the day, and exercise with no triggering a survival reaction, you won't in simple terms lose extra kilos and continue your perfect weight, you are going to generate strength and gear on your life.

Derived from a 5,000-year-old conventional scientific method, the 3-season nutrition does what no different nutrition will: paintings in addition to the body's usual reaction to the altering seasons, feeding it what it craves and will most sensible make the most of constantly. In spring, for example, we need salads, berries, and leafy vegetables, a obviously low-fat vitamin. And in wintry weather, we yearn for hearty soups, nuts, hot grains, and high-fat and protein-rich meals akin to fish and meat. Following the meals that nature presents seasonally creates the easiest nutrition for balancing weight, temper, and effort for someone dwelling wherever on the earth.

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Download E-books Low Gi Belly Fat Diet: The Flat Belly Action Plan PDF

| November 25, 2016 | admin | 0

By Wesley Atkins

Are you trying to find a diet regime you can "actually persist with" and contain into your lifestyle -- WITHOUT ravenous your self or feeling hungry and deprived?

.. Or, probably you are looking for a vitamin to lose your "stubborn" abdominal fats, hinder the onset of a stroke, center sickness or even diabetes.

if this is the case, permit me to introduce what could be the most vital booklet you learn this yr.

let's accept it ... so much diets are designed to get the burden off ... yet THEN WHAT?

when you cease utilizing the nutrition almost certainly the load you misplaced will go back, and infrequently with a number of additional kilos as a painful bonus. most folk turn out feeling worse than they did ahead of they started...

As such, many of us easily quit in frustration and start to just accept their present weight and . this doesn't have to be the case for you ANYMORE. shedding weight and conserving it off completely doesn't have to be hit and miss...

ultimately, there is a plan that has confirmed technology in the back of it and a vitamin so you might use every day so long as you will have - long-term. really, calling it a vitamin is doing it a dis-service, because it turns into extra of a life-style plan.

it may healthy into your day-by-day regimen simply and lets you take pleasure in meals and drop some pounds while.

Who is that this publication for?

  • Anyone trying to lose "stubborn" weight and eventually circulate the rest room scales within the correct direction
  • Diabetics seeking to decrease their blood sugar degrees or somebody wishing to avoid the onset of style II Diabetes
  • Been clinically determined with PCOS? ... Low GI will decrease your "insulin" degrees and dramatically increase your symptoms
  • Low on strength and believe drained forever? ... Low GI will cast off the sugar spikes that make you are feeling drained and groggy

Here's what is included:

  • OVER 25 examples of fat-burning breakfasts, lunches and dinners!
  • The thirteen most sensible meals to devour at the Low GI Diet
  • The 17 WORST meals to consume at the Low GI Diet
  • How to right away ship your power degrees SKYROCKETING!
  • The vitamin secrets and techniques that might ship your metabolism SOARING
  • Easy to keep on with workouts (optional) to tremendously enhance your results
  • How to create "GUT-BUSTING" foodstuff for your self so you are not constrained to recipes
  • How to stick with the GI vitamin in the "REAL-WORLD" while consuming out with friends
  • The excessive GI food and drinks to prevent making your blood sugar degrees behave like a rocket

Bottom line ... Providing excellent meals on your physique is the healthiest solution to in achieving a flat stomach and its why the Low Gi vitamin has been counseled through many celebrities and athletes...

>> Scroll up and safe your reproduction today.

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Download E-books The 30-Day Vegan Challenge: The Ultimate Guide to Eating Cleaner, Getting Leaner, and Living Compassionately PDF

| November 25, 2016 | admin | 0

By Colleen Patrick-Goudreau

Take the 30-Day Vegan problem and spot the variation a plant-based nutrition could make on your life!
Whether you must increase your total wellbeing and fitness, shed a number of kilos, display your compassion for animals, or support the surroundings, Colleen Patrick-Goudreau holds your hand each step of ways, providing you with the instruments you want to make the vegan transition—healthfully, joyfully, and deliciously. during this one-stop, accomplished consultant, Patrick-Goudreau
• debunks universal foodstuff myths and explains the simplest resources of such meals as calcium, protein, iron, and omega-3 fatty acids
• is helping you develop into a savvy buyer, restock your kitchen, learn labels, and get ready nutrient-rich food with out feeling overwhelmed
• bargains useful concepts for consuming out, touring, webhosting vacation gatherings, and attending social events
• empowers you to event the tangible and intangible merits of dwelling a healthy, compassionate existence

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Download E-books The Emotional Eating Rescue Plan for Smart, Busy Women: Make Peace with Food, Live the Life You Hunger For PDF

| November 25, 2016 | admin | 0

By Melissa McCreery

The Emotional consuming Rescue Plan for clever, Busy Women

Imagine a existence the place you do not overeat and also you are in charge of your cravings. when you fight with emotional consuming, diets and dedication will not support, yet making peace with foodstuff adjustments everything. Psychologist Dr. Melissa McCreery outlines a daily rescue plan for emotional consuming and overeating designed particularly for high-performing, busy ladies able to take regulate in their consuming and their weight. in keeping with hundreds of thousands of hours of labor with shrewdpermanent girls suffering to forestall overeating, this 28 day plan walks you thru the stairs to:
  • Take regulate of rigidity consuming, convenience consuming, and different kinds of emotional eating 
  • Say see you later to guilt, disgrace, and feeling annoyed with yourself
  • Discover what you actually crave and the way to truly feed yourself 
  • Create ideas that do not depart you feeling hungry and deprived 
  • Design your recipe for lasting weight-loss - even if you're busy and feature much in your plate. 

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Download E-books The 8-Hour Diet: Watch the Pounds Disappear Without Watching What You Eat! PDF

| November 25, 2016 | admin | 0

By David Zinczenko, Peter Moore

In The 8-Hour Diet, bestselling authors David Zinczenko and Peter Moore current a paradigm-shifting plan that permits readers to devour something they wish, up to they want—and nonetheless strip away 20, forty, 60 kilos, or extra.

After visits to world-renowned researchers on the Salk Institute, in los angeles Jolla, California, and the nationwide Institute on getting older, in Baltimore, and finishing interviews with a dozen different medical experts—plus poring over the copious quantities of latest study within the attention-grabbing box of intermittent fasting, Zinczenko and Moore got here up with a plan that they themselves attempted, and so they engaged 2,000 humans for a try out panel. in line with their interviews, study, and try out panel effects, they made up our minds that readers can lose outstanding quantities of weight consuming the meals they prefer best—as lengthy as they consume inside of a collection 8-hour period of time. Fasting is, after all, an old non secular and overall healthiness perform, yet it is also how to ward off some of the ills of the trendy world—including diabetes, middle illness, and cognitive impairment.

Zinczenko and Moore show how easily staring at this timed-eating technique, even simply 3 days per week, will reset a dieter's metabolism in order that she or he can input fat-burning mode very first thing within the morning—and remain there all day lengthy. And by way of concentrating on 8 severe, nutrient-rich Powerfoods, readers construct in a moment layer of safeguard opposed to Alzheimer's, middle disorder, or even the typical chilly.

In the e-book, readers will locate motivating concepts, scrumptious recipes, and an 8-minute exercise session regimen to maximise calorie burn. The 8-Hour vitamin promises to strip away undesirable kilos and provides readers the focal point and dedication they should achieve their pursuits for weight reduction and life.

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Download E-books Nutrition and Diagnosis-Related Care PDF

| November 25, 2016 | admin | 0
Prepare your scholars for potent perform with Nutrition and Diagnosis-Related Care, 8e.  Written by means of famous writer and nutritionist Sylvia Escott-Stump, this best-selling e-book offers “need to know,” condition-specific, evidence-based clinical food remedy info for greater than 360 illnesses and issues in a distinct monograph-style layout that makes details effortless to find. 
Revised and up to date all through, the 8th variation good points new info at the remedy of irritation via foodstuff treatment; new and up to date assurance of autism and neurodegenerative and neuropsychiatric problems; well timed details for the dietician operating in a collaborative, interdisciplinary care setting.

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Download E-books The Great Cholesterol Myth: Why Lowering Your Cholesterol Won't Prevent Heart Disease-and the Statin-Free Plan That Will PDF

| November 25, 2016 | admin | 0

By Jonny Bowden, Stephen Sinatra

Uploader's notice: I've categorized this with diets, since it is partly a critique of 1. it isn't a vitamin book.

Heart illness is the number 1 killer. even if, conventional center disorder protocols--with their emphasis on reducing cholesterol--have all of it incorrect. rising technology is exhibiting that levels of cholesterol are a bad predictor of center affliction and that normal prescriptions for decreasing it, resembling useless low-fat/high-carb diets and severe, side-effect-causing statin medicines, imprecise the true reasons of center sickness. Even medical professionals at top associations were misled for years in accordance with inventive reporting of analysis effects from pharmaceutical businesses reason on assisting the $31-billion-a-year cholesterol-lowering drug industry.

The nice ldl cholesterol Myth finds the genuine culprits of middle ailment, including:

- Inflammation

- Fibrinogen

- Triglycerides

- Homocysteine

- stomach fat

- Triglyceride to HCL ratios

- excessive glycemic levels

Bestselling health and wellbeing authors Jonny Bowden, Ph.D., and Stephen Sinatra, M.D. provide readers a 4-part process in keeping with the most recent reviews and medical findings for successfully combating, dealing with, and reversing center illness, targeting nutrition, workout, supplementations, and tension and anger management.

Get confirmed, evidence-based innovations from the specialists with The nice ldl cholesterol Myth.


Myth–High ldl cholesterol is the reason for middle disease.
Fact–Cholesterol is just a minor participant within the cascade of irritation that is a explanation for center disease. Myth–High ldl cholesterol is a predictor of middle attack.
Fact–There is not any correlation among ldl cholesterol and middle attack. Myth–Lowering ldl cholesterol with statin medicines will extend your life.
There isn't any info to teach that statins have an important impression on longevity. Myth–Statin medications are safe.
Fact–Statin medicines could be tremendous poisonous together with inflicting death. Myth–Statin medicinal drugs are priceless in males, girls and the elderly.
Fact–Statin medications do the easiest task in middle-aged males with coronary disease. Myth–Statin medicinal drugs are invaluable in middle-aged males with coronary artery ailment due to its effect on cholesterol.
Statin medicinal drugs lessen irritation and enhance blood viscosity (thinning blood). Statins are tremendous valuable in males with low HDL and coronary artery disease. Myth–Saturated fats is dangerous.
Fact–Saturated fat aren't risky. The killer fat are the transfats from in part hydrogenated oils. Myth–The greater the ldl cholesterol, the shorter the lifespan.
Fact–Higher ldl cholesterol protects you from gastrointestinal ailment, pulmonary illness and hemorrhagic stroke. Myth–A excessive carbohydrate vitamin protects you from center disease.
Fact–Simple processed carbs and sugars predispose you to center disease. Myth–Fat is undesirable to your health.
Fact–Monounsaturated and saturated fat shield you from metabolic syndrome. Sugar is the foe in cardiovascular disease. Myth–There is sweet (HDL) ldl cholesterol and undesirable (LDL) cholesterol.
Fact–This is over-simplistic. you need to fractionate LDL and HDL to evaluate the components. Myth–Cholesterol motives middle disease.
Fact–Cholesterol is just a thought in middle illness and purely the small portion of LP(a) or “bb shot” LDL predisposes one to oxidation and inflammation. 

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Download E-books The Jungle Effect: A Doctor Discovers the Healthiest Diets from Around the World--Why They Work and How to Bring Them Home PDF

| November 25, 2016 | admin | 0

By Daphne Miller

Why do the fairly terrible local populations in Mexico and Africa have such low degrees of the continual illnesses that plague the U.S.?

Why is the speed of seasonal affective ailment in Iceland—a kingdom the place dreary climate is the norm—so low?

Why is it that older ladies in Okinawa have such low breast melanoma charges that it's not thought of low in cost for them to get screening mammograms?

The Jungle Effect has the life-changing solutions to those vital questions, and plenty of extra.

even if it's the heart-healthy Cretan vitamin, with its reliance on olive oil and clean greens, the antidepressive Icelandic nutrition and its tremendous excessive degrees of omega-3s, the age-defying Okinawa vitamin and its emphasis on greens and fish, or the opposite diets explored herein, each person who reads this ebook will come away with the secrets and techniques of an extended, more healthy existence and the recipes essential to placed these secrets and techniques into motion. The Jungle Effect is stuffed with inspiring tales from Dr. Miller's sufferers, quirky trip adventures, interviews with world-renowned meals specialists, scrumptious (yet actual) indigenous recipes, and worthwhile nutrition secrets and techniques that might keep on with you for an entire life.

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Download E-books The Tao of Health, Sex, and Longevity: A Modern Practical Guide to the Ancient Way PDF

| November 25, 2016 | admin | 0

With a close creation to the traditional philosophical, moral, and spiritual chinese language perform of Taoism, The Tao of healthiness, intercourse, and toughness is a special, entire, and sensible self-help consultant to stay a balanced and optimistic Taoist lifestyle.

Written through a Westerner for the Western brain, The Tao of health and wellbeing, intercourse, and toughness is excellent for the fashionable reader drawn to exploring the balanced and holistic overall healthiness care approach utilized by chinese language physicians, martial artists, and meditators for over 5,000 years.

Drawing on his large own event and study from unique assets, writer Daniel Reid covers all features of the fit Taoist way of life, providing concise info and guideline on vitamin and food, fasting, respiring and workout, sexual healthiness, medication, and meditation.

Featuring useful charts and illustrations, The Tao of future health, intercourse and Longevity makes the traditional perform more straightforward to appreciate and extra acceptable to a latest Western viewers than ever prior to.

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