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Satakunta Enduro CUP ry. on enduron harraste- sekä muita urheilutapahtumia organisoiva järjestö. Se on myös enduroharrastajien etuja ajava rekisteröity yhdistys. Etuja ajetaan mm. järjestämällä erilaisia ajo-sekä valmennustilaisuuksia lajin harrastajille. Toiminta aloitettiin syksyllä 2003, yhdistys rekisteröitiin virallisesti elokuussa 2009.

Kuudes kerta toden sanoi

25.09.2016 | 16:54

Miesmuistiin ei ole Punkalaitumen seudulla ollut näin kuivaa syksyä. Tuo kallion ylittävä lähtönousukin pölisi reippaanlaisesti ajajien lähtiessä tutustumiskierrokselle. Huomaa portaattomasti säädettävä lähtöleimausalusta

Kuudes kerta ja senkun pidot aina paranee

Hyvä on ollut suuntaus kun aina ollaan pystytty vähän petraamaan myhäili Vaskunlahden Juha jolla tuo päävastuu reitistä oli tänäkin vuonna. Juha on jo toisen polven moottoriurheiluvetäjiä Punkalaitumella sillä hänen isänsä Esko Vaskunlahti oli jo 60-luvulla järjestämässä noita Lintukankaan motocross ajoja paikkakunnalla.

... selitys ...

"Kyllä se hyvin pitkälti on ton Seppon vika että täällä yleensä ajetaan" naureskelee Metsärannan tilan isäntä Arvo Marttila. Piti alunperin tehdä metsälenkki hevosille mutta alue oli liian kivinen ja kannokkoinen. Bensiinikannua tuomassa Seppo Manninen. Kuvan siisti Suzuki oli muuten sunnuntaina myynnissä joten kyselkää jos kiinnostaa, kuutioita taisi olla 65

Metsärannan kuninkuus 2016

Tämän vuotisen kuninkuuden vei siis nimiinsä Vantaan Janne Rantanen. Kovin pisti kampoihin kuitenkin viime vuotista kuninkuutta puolustanut Porin Juha Vuoriniemi Viimevuotinen Juhan 12 sekunnin kaula vaihtui nyt 10 sekunnnin kaulaksi Jannen eduksi. Kolmannelle pallille saatiin komeasti uutta voimaa Tampereelta, 125 kuutiosella ajanut Erkka Soilumo. Todennäköistä on että Erkasta saadaan vielä jatkossakin kuulla, sen verran enemmän kokemusta omaavia isompien pyörien kuljettajia tämä nuorimies ohitti.

- Metsäranta GP 2016 tuloksia napsauttamalla kelloa!

... selitys ...

Metsärannan kalliot vaan kumisivat kun kajautimme ilmoille laulun Arvon syntymäpäivän kunniaksi

Aloitimme ajajakokous-tilaisuuden klo 10:45

Me, "Metsärannan mieslaulajat" aloitimme ajajakokouksen kajauttamalla "dir.mus." Juha Vaskunlahden johdolla tilanomistaja Arvo Marttilan syntymäpäivän kunniaksi komeasti ilmoille Mildred J.Hillin sävelmän Happy Birthday / Paljon Onnea, suomalaiset sanat Sauvo Puhtila.
Toisena sävelmävaihtoehtona meillä oli plakkarissa Arvon mekin ansaitsemme, suomalainen vanha kansansävelmä. Katsoimme kuitenkin ensinmainitun riittäväksi tällä kertaa äänihuulten avaamiseksi.

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Santran Syheröt II

21.02.2016 | 19:37

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Huippuolot Metsärannassa

12.10.2015 | 10:17

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Download E-books Mesopotamia: Writing, Reasoning, and the Gods PDF

| December 17, 2016 | admin | 0

By Jean Bottéro

Our ancestors, the Mesopotamians, invented writing and with it a brand new manner of taking a look at the area. during this selection of essays, the French student Jean Bottero makes an attempt to return to the instant which marks the very starting of history.

To supply the reader a few feel of the way Mesopotamian civilization has been mediated and interpreted in its transmission via time, Bottero starts off with an account of Assyriology, the self-discipline dedicated to the traditional tradition. This transmission, compounded with numerous discoveries, wouldn't have been attainable with out the dazzling decipherment of the cuneiform writing process. Bottero additionally specializes in divination within the historic international, contending that convinced modes of worship in Mesopotamia, of their program of causality and facts, prefigure the "scientific mind."

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Download E-books The Northern Conquest: Vikings in Britain and Ireland PDF

| December 17, 2016 | admin | 0

By Katherine Holman

So much old bills study the Viking Age in a single half instead of the complete area of the British Isles and eire. only a few be aware of the ongoing touch among England and Scandinavia within the post-Norman Conquest interval. This e-book goals to provide an alternate technique by way of offering a background of the Viking Age which considers the full quarter as much as and past the Norman Conquest of 1066.The Vikings were ordinarily portrayed as brutal barbarians who sailed to Britain and eire to loot, rape and pillage. The facts awarded right here indicates a significantly much less dramatic yet no much less interesting photograph which unearths the Vikings' impressive achievements and their impression in shaping the political heritage of those islands. Katherine Holman discusses their abilities as farmers, their linguistic and inventive contribution, their rituals and customs and the clash among paganism and Christianity, exhibiting that the Viking cultural influence used to be advanced and infrequently rich.Based on large and unique examine, The Northern Conquest provides the to be had proof and courses the reader in the course of the strategy of studying it. this isn't limited to old files by myself, but in addition comprises archaeology, runes, inscriptions, artefacts and linguistic facts to supply diverse and complementary sorts of info. moreover, the booklet considers the modern query of the Vikings' genetic legacy.Interest within the Viking Age is prospering and increasing, either in Britain and in North the United States. hugely readable and casting new gentle at the interval, this publication will entice a large audience.

Katherine Holman is the writer of the old Dictionary of the Vikings and Scandinavian Runic Inscriptions within the British Isles, and co-editor of Scandinavia and Europe 800-1350: touch, clash and Co-existence. previously a lecturer in Scandinavian stories on the college of Hull, she presently works for the Open collage.

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Download E-books Fuck: An Irreverent History of the F-Word PDF

| December 17, 2016 | admin | 0

By Rufus Lodge

An a laugh, informative, debatable and totally irreverent historical past of the world's favorite word.

F, U, C and ok -- 4 letters that may reason outrage, scandal, embarrassment or fast aid for those who hit your thumb with a hammer.

In this wide-ranging and regularly hilarious heritage of the F-word, Rufus resort searches out the origins of our language's most well liked obscenity, and chronicles its dramatic arrival in our daily lives. As he discovers, the F-word could be heard between aristocrats and astronauts, rock stars and royals, poets and politicians, even within the corporation of dad Ted and Basil Brush.

No-one is secure from the F-word's outrageous development, as blameless animals, aromatic moms and squeaky-clean television hosts are dragged into the fray. the solid of characters comprises Shakespeare, the Beatles, Andy Murray, T.S. Eliot, Elton, Camilla and everybody unlucky adequate to reside in an Austrian city with a really embarrassing name.

F*** is a cavalcade of worthwhile anecdotes, old learn, filthy jokes and definitions too devious for any first rate dictionary -- bound to make you snicker, and develop your vocabulary*.

* The writer takes no accountability for any embarrassment brought on whilst readers drop the F-bomb after interpreting this book.

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Download E-books Retribution: The Battle for Japan, 1944-45 PDF

| December 17, 2016 | admin | 0

By way of the summer season of 1944 it was once transparent that Japan's defeat was once inevitable, yet how the force to victory will be accomplished remained doubtful. the resultant drama—that led to Japan's utter devastation—was acted out around the immense theater of Asia in colossal clashes among military, air, and naval forces.

In recounting those striking occasions, Max Hastings attracts incisive pics of MacArthur, Mao, Roosevelt, Churchill, Stalin, and different key figures of the warfare within the East. yet he's both adept in his portrayals of the normal squaddies and sailors stuck within the bloodiest of campaigns.

With its piercing and convincing research, Retribution is an excellent telling of an epic clash from a grasp army historian on the peak of his powers.

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Download E-books Prisoner of the Vatican: The Popes, the Kings, and Garibaldi's Rebels in the Struggle to Rule Modern Italy PDF

| December 17, 2016 | admin | 0

By David I. Kertzer

Praise for David Kertzer and Prisoner of the Vatican:

"Kertzer once more proves himself a really compelling historian." -- André Aciman

"Prisoner of the Vatican reads like fascinating fiction. And it has unbelievable modern relevance." -- Alfred Uhry

"Kertzer’s cautious scholarship and lucid writing make the human personality of this spiritual establishment fairly clear." -- James Carroll

"Fascinating." -- leisure Weekly

"Lively . . . jam-packed with telling anecdotes and colourful descriptions of a few of the characters excited about the struggle." -- the USA, the nationwide Catholic Weekly

"Riveting and fast paced . . . background writing at its best." -- Publishers Weekly, starred review

"[A] rousing story . . . from a masterful, debatable scholar." -- Kirkus studies, starred review

"A chilling and well timed caution of what occurs whilst non secular energy turns into synonymous with political energy. should you love Italy, for those who love Rome, this booklet is key reading." -- John Guare

"As magically spellbinding because it is enlightening, replete with colourful characters and complicated overseas and ecclesiastical politics and intrigue. Kertzer is a countrywide treasure and his most up-to-date e-book one other masterpiece." -- Kevin Madigan, affiliate professor, Harvard Divinity School

"This e-book is a present to each person who welcomes the emergence of buried historical past, and a boon to somebody who has ever puzzled in regards to the origins of the glorious, tenuously unified position known as sleek Italy." -- Tracy Kidder

David Kertzer’s soaking up historical past offers an striking account of the beginning of recent Italy and the clandestine politics in the back of the Vatican’s final stand within the conflict among church and the newly created Italian nation. Drawing on a wealth of mystery files lengthy buried within the Vatican files, Kertzer finds a desirable tale of outrageous accusations, mutual denunciations, raucous demonstrations, and mystery dealings.

When Italy’s armies seized the Holy urban and claimed it for the Italian capital, Pope Pius IX, outraged, retreated to the Vatican and declared himself a prisoner, calling on international powers to strength the Italians out of Rome. The motion set in movement a long time of political intrigues that hinged on such interesting characters as Garibaldi, King Viktor Emmanuel, Napoleon III, and Chancellor Bismarck. nobody who reads this eye-opening ebook will ever contemplate Italy, or the Vatican, in really an identical manner again.

"A gripping account of this little-known story." -- Washington Post

“A suspenseful or even fascinating learn . . . Kertzer illuminates considered one of history’s darker corners.” -- windfall Journal

"Extraordinary . . . Kertzer describes intrigue, spying, disinformation, and public kin campaigns worthwhile of any modern secret agent novel." -- Seattle Times

David I. Kertzer is writer of numerous illuminating works of background, together with The Popes opposed to the Jews and the abduction of Edgardo Mortara, a countrywide e-book Award finalist. A professor of anthropology and Italian stories at Brown collage, he lives in windfall, Rhode Island.

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Download E-books The Library: An Illustrated History PDF

| December 17, 2016 | admin | 0
Throughout the background of the area, libraries were built, burned, came across, raided, and cherished—and the treasures they have housed have advanced from early stone drugs to the heavily produced, certain paper books of our contemporary. The Library invitations you to go into the libraries of historic Greece, early China, Renaissance England, and modern day the USA, and speaks to the booklet lover in we all. Incorporating attractive illustrations, insightful quotations, and plenty of brilliant mysteries of libraries—their books, consumers, and keepers—this publication is bound to supply you with a wealth of information and enjoyment.

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Download E-books Under a Cruel Star: A Life in Prague 1941-1968 PDF

| December 17, 2016 | admin | 0

By Heda Margolius Kovaly

A Jew in Czechoslovakia below the Nazis, Kovaly spent the struggle years within the Lodz ghetto and a number of other focus camps, wasting her kinfolk and rarely surviving herself. Returning to Prague on the finish of the battle, she married an outdated good friend, a shiny, enthusiastic younger Jewish economist named Rudolf Margolius, who observed the country's in basic terms wish for the longer term within the Communist social gathering. Thereafter, Rudolf turned deputy minister for international alternate. For a time, the Margoliuses lived like royalty, albeit reluctantly, yet then, in a replay of the Stalinist purges of the Thirties, Rudolf and others, normally of Jewish historical past, have been arrested and hung within the notorious Slansky Trial of 1952. Kovaly's memoir of those years that finish together with her emigration to the West after the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968 are a sad tale advised with aplomb, humor and tenderness. The reader alternately laughs and cries as Kovaly describes her mom being despatched to loss of life through Dr. Mengele, Czech Communist occasion chief Klement Gottwald under the influence of alcohol at a reception, the final sight of her husband, the feverish happiness of the Prague Spring. hugely urged.

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Download E-books Inventing the Industrial Revolution: The English Patent System, 1660-1800 PDF

| December 17, 2016 | admin | 0

By Christine MacLeod

This ebook examines the improvement of the English patent approach and its dating with technical switch throughout the interval among 1660 and 1800, whilst the patent approach developed from an tool of royal patronage into certainly one of advertisement festival one of the inventors and brands of the economic Revolution. It analyses the criminal and political framework during which patenting happened and provides an account of the motivations and fortunes of patentees, who received patents for numerous reasons past the easy safety of an invention. It contains the 1st in-depth try and gauge the reliability of the patent statistics as a degree of artistic task and technical switch within the early a part of the commercial Revolution, and means that the distribution of patents is a greater consultant to the development of capitalism than to the centres of creative job. It additionally queries the typical assumption that the manager aim of inventors was once to avoid wasting labour, and examines modern feedback of the patent method within the mild of the altering conceptualisation of invention between average scientists and political economists.

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Download E-books 35 Miles from Shore: The Ditching and Rescue of ALM Flight 980 PDF

| December 17, 2016 | admin | 0

By Emilio Corsetti III

On may possibly 2, 1970, a DC-9 jet with fifty seven passengers and a team of six departed New York's JFK foreign Airport en path to the tropical island of St. Maarten. The flight ended 4 hours and thirty-four mins later within the shark-infested waters of the Caribbean. It was once, and continues to be, the one open-water ditching of a advertisement jet. the following rescue of survivors took approximately 3 hours and concerned the coast shield, army, and marines. This gripping account of that fateful day recounts what used to be occurring contained in the cabin, the cockpit, and the helicopters because the crews struggled opposed to the elements and dwindling sunlight to rescue the survivors who've simply their existence vests and a lone get away chute to maintain them afloat.

"Mr. Corsetti left no stone unturned in his particular ebook of this twist of fate and the rescue that undefined. His description of the aftermath of the crash, the suffering of the survivors after the ditching, introduced the reader correct into the midst of the action." William Phenn Readersviews.com

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