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Satakunta Enduro CUP ry. on enduron harraste- sekä muita urheilutapahtumia organisoiva järjestö. Se on myös enduroharrastajien etuja ajava rekisteröity yhdistys. Etuja ajetaan mm. järjestämällä erilaisia ajo-sekä valmennustilaisuuksia lajin harrastajille. Toiminta aloitettiin syksyllä 2003, yhdistys rekisteröitiin virallisesti elokuussa 2009.

Kuudes kerta toden sanoi

25.09.2016 | 16:54

Miesmuistiin ei ole Punkalaitumen seudulla ollut näin kuivaa syksyä. Tuo kallion ylittävä lähtönousukin pölisi reippaanlaisesti ajajien lähtiessä tutustumiskierrokselle. Huomaa portaattomasti säädettävä lähtöleimausalusta

Kuudes kerta ja senkun pidot aina paranee

Hyvä on ollut suuntaus kun aina ollaan pystytty vähän petraamaan myhäili Vaskunlahden Juha jolla tuo päävastuu reitistä oli tänäkin vuonna. Juha on jo toisen polven moottoriurheiluvetäjiä Punkalaitumella sillä hänen isänsä Esko Vaskunlahti oli jo 60-luvulla järjestämässä noita Lintukankaan motocross ajoja paikkakunnalla.

... selitys ...

"Kyllä se hyvin pitkälti on ton Seppon vika että täällä yleensä ajetaan" naureskelee Metsärannan tilan isäntä Arvo Marttila. Piti alunperin tehdä metsälenkki hevosille mutta alue oli liian kivinen ja kannokkoinen. Bensiinikannua tuomassa Seppo Manninen. Kuvan siisti Suzuki oli muuten sunnuntaina myynnissä joten kyselkää jos kiinnostaa, kuutioita taisi olla 65

Metsärannan kuninkuus 2016

Tämän vuotisen kuninkuuden vei siis nimiinsä Vantaan Janne Rantanen. Kovin pisti kampoihin kuitenkin viime vuotista kuninkuutta puolustanut Porin Juha Vuoriniemi Viimevuotinen Juhan 12 sekunnin kaula vaihtui nyt 10 sekunnnin kaulaksi Jannen eduksi. Kolmannelle pallille saatiin komeasti uutta voimaa Tampereelta, 125 kuutiosella ajanut Erkka Soilumo. Todennäköistä on että Erkasta saadaan vielä jatkossakin kuulla, sen verran enemmän kokemusta omaavia isompien pyörien kuljettajia tämä nuorimies ohitti.

- Metsäranta GP 2016 tuloksia napsauttamalla kelloa!

... selitys ...

Metsärannan kalliot vaan kumisivat kun kajautimme ilmoille laulun Arvon syntymäpäivän kunniaksi

Aloitimme ajajakokous-tilaisuuden klo 10:45

Me, "Metsärannan mieslaulajat" aloitimme ajajakokouksen kajauttamalla "dir.mus." Juha Vaskunlahden johdolla tilanomistaja Arvo Marttilan syntymäpäivän kunniaksi komeasti ilmoille Mildred J.Hillin sävelmän Happy Birthday / Paljon Onnea, suomalaiset sanat Sauvo Puhtila.
Toisena sävelmävaihtoehtona meillä oli plakkarissa Arvon mekin ansaitsemme, suomalainen vanha kansansävelmä. Katsoimme kuitenkin ensinmainitun riittäväksi tällä kertaa äänihuulten avaamiseksi.

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Santran Syheröt II

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Download E-books The Bonehunters: Book Six of The Malazan Book of the Fallen PDF

| December 8, 2016 | admin | 0

By Steven Erikson

The Seven towns uprising has been beaten. Sha'ik is lifeless. One final insurgent strength is still, holed up within the urban of Y'Ghatan and less than the fanatical command of Leoman of the Flails. the possibility of laying siege to this historic castle makes the battle-weary Malaz 14th military uneasy. For it was once right here that the Empire's maximum champion Dassem Ultor was once slain and a tide of Malazan blood spilled. a spot of foreboding, its odor is of demise.

But in other places, brokers of a miles larger clash have made their commencing strikes.
The Crippled God has been granted a spot within the pantheon, a schism threatens and facets has to be selected. no matter what each one god makes a decision, the ground-rules have replaced, irrevocably, terrifyingly and the 1st blood spilled could be within the mortal international.

A global within which a bunch of characters, everyday and new, together with Heboric Ghost arms, the possessed Apsalar, Cutter, as soon as a thief now a killer, the warrior Karsa Orlong and the 2 old wanderers Icarium and Mappo--each looking for this type of destiny as they may model with their very own arms, guided by means of their very own will. If in basic terms the gods would depart them on my own. yet now that knives were unsheathed, the gods are disinclined to be style. There will likely be conflict, struggle within the heavens. And, the prize? not anything lower than lifestyles itself...

Here is the lovely new bankruptcy in Steven Erikson's brilliant Malazan booklet of the Fallen--hailed as an epic of the mind's eye and stated as a delusion vintage within the making.

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Download E-books The Tower Broken: Tower and Knife Book III (Tower and Knife Trilogy) PDF

| December 8, 2016 | admin | 0

The global is at verge of collapse. The not anything, a negative darkness as a result of the festering wounds of a god, bleeds out the very essence of all, of stone, silk - and souls. Emperor Sarmin inspiration he had stopped it, however it is spreading in the direction of his urban, Cerana - and he's powerless to halt the destruction.

Even as Cerana fills with refugees, the Yrkmen armies arrive with conquest in brain, yet they give to spare Sarmin's humans in the event that they will convert to the Mogyrk religion.

Time is operating out for Sarmin and his spouse, Mesema: the Mage's Tower is cracked; the final mage, despatched to discover a mysterious pattern-worker within the wilderness, has vanished; and Sarmin believes his abducted brother Daveed nonetheless has a component to play. The partitions are crumbling round them . . .

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Download E-books The Child Thief: A Novel PDF

| December 8, 2016 | admin | 0

By Brom

Peter is fast, bold, and whole of mischief—and like several boys, he likes to play, even though his video games usually lead to blood. His eyes are gleaming gold, and while he graces you together with his smile you're his pal for all times, yet his promised land is not Neverland.

Fourteen-year-old Nick might were murdered through the drug purchasers preying on his relatives had Peter now not stored him. Now the irresistibly charismatic wild boy desires Nick to keep on with him to a mystery position of significant event, the place magic is alive and also you by no means become older. even if he's cautious of Peter's loopy speak of faeries and monsters, Nick consents. in spite of everything, manhattan urban isn't any longer secure for him, and what extra might he almost certainly lose?

There is always extra to lose.

Accompanying Peter to a grey and ravished island that was a lush, enchanted paradise, Nick reveals himself unwittingly recruited for a warfare that has raged for centuries—one the place he needs to learn how to struggle or die one of the "Devils," Peter's savage tribe of misplaced and stolen children.

There, Peter's darkish prior is published: left to wolves as an baby, despised and hunted, Peter strikes restlessly among the worlds of faerie and guy. the kid Thief is a pacesetter of bloodthirsty teenagers, a courageous good friend, and a creature pushed to do no matter what he needs to to prevent the "Flesh-eaters" and retailer the final, wild magic during this death land.

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Download E-books Lost Places (Books of Magic, Book 5) PDF

| December 8, 2016 | admin | 0

By Carla Jablonski

Do you suspect in magic? Timothy Hunter is rather like the other thirteen-year-old boy in London...except for the tiny proven fact that he may be the main strong magician of his time.

Tim understands how tales paintings: knight saves princess from dragon, all people lives fortunately ever after. Then his female friend, Molly, is kidnapped by way of a customer from the longer term. mostly, in fact, the hero may rescue the woman -- yet this can be no traditional fairy tale...

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Download E-books Tarnsman of Gor PDF

| December 8, 2016 | admin | 0

By John Norman

Tarl Cabot has constantly believed himself to be a citizen of earth. He has no inkling that his future is much more than the small planet he has inhabited for the 1st twenty-odd years of his lifestyles. One frosty iciness evening within the New England woods, he reveals himself transported to the planet of Gor, often referred to as counter-earth, the place every thing is dramatically diverse from something he has ever skilled. It emerges that Tarl is to be taught as a Tarnsman, some of the most venerated positions within the inflexible, caste-bound Gorian society. he's disciplined through the easiest lecturers and warriors that Gor has to provide. . . yet to what end?

EPUB word: I sourced this from a slightly imperfect simple textual content dossier. As such it's evidently lacking such formatting niceties as italics/bold face/etc, and all kinds of hyphens/dashes are proven as uncomplicated textual content hyphen-minuses. now not excellent, yet readable. there have been a few extra noticeable formatting concerns, like damaged paragraphs, a pair misordered pages, and so on, with a bit of luck all of which have been corrected in my read-through. and naturally a few experiment mistakes (it's impressive the variety of methods a be aware like "tarn" that doesn't look within the dictionary should be misconstrued). besides, optimistically I cleared such a lot of it up, I'm definite I neglected a number of, it's evidently a great deal now not retail... yet it's completely readable.

Actual booklet word: convinced, this ebook, and the whole sequence it belongs to, is reasonably terrible. yet it's nonetheless loads of enjoyable, and that i loved it. with a bit of luck another individual will too ;)

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Download E-books Lior and the Sea (Tales of the Middle Kingdoms) PDF

| December 8, 2016 | admin | 0

By Diane Duane

This infrequent and sought-after heart Kingdoms novelette was once released for the 1st time within the Tor fable tribute anthology Moonsinger's buddies: In Honor of André Norton, and has been out of print for twenty-five years. It now appears to be like right here in book layout for the 1st time.

Lior is the Rodmistress of a small north-coast fishing village in Darthen. Her paintings brings her up opposed to the ocean every day. yet at some point a determined problem that Lior concerns to the ocean itself within the face of a perilous ocean hurricane produces a metamorphosis within the dating that no longer even a Rodmistress can simply focus on.
Soon Lior needs to make a choice from the security and safety of the lifestyles she's continually recognized and the terrifying strength and hazard provided her via what used to be only a strength of nature, yet has now turn into anything even more personal...

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Download E-books Temple of the Winds (Sword of Truth, Book 4) PDF

| December 8, 2016 | admin | 0

By Terry Goodkind

On the pink moon will come the firestorm...

Wielding the Sword of fact, Richard Rahl has battled dying itself and are available to the security of the D'Haran humans. yet now the power-mad Emperor Jagang confronts Richard with a quick and inexorable foe: a magical plague slicing a perilous swath around the land and slaying hundreds of thousands of blameless victims.

To quench the inferno, he needs to search therapy within the wind...

To struggle it Richard and his loved Kahlan Amnell will hazard every little thing to discover the resource of the bad plague-the magic sealed away for 3 millennia within the Temple of the Winds.

Lightning will locate him on that path...

But whilst prophecy throws the shadow of betrayal throughout their venture and threatens to ruin them, Richard needs to settle for the reality and have the option to pay the cost the winds demand...or he and his international will perish.

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Download E-books The Last Four Things (The Left Hand of God, Book 2) PDF

| December 8, 2016 | admin | 0

By Paul Hoffman

Loss of life, Judgement, Heaven and Hell. those are the final 4 issues. Now there are 5. Meet Thomas Cale. Returning to the Sanctuary of the Redeemers, Thomas Cale is instructed through the Lord Militant that the destruction of mankind is important; the single option to undo God's maximum mistake. Cale probably accepts his function within the finishing of the realm: destiny has painted him because the Left Hand of God, the Angel of demise. Absolute strength is inside of his snatch, the terrifying zeal and armed forces may perhaps of the Redeemers a weapon for him to deal with as easily as he as soon as used a knife. yet probably no longer even the bleak energy that the Redeemers carry over Cale is sufficient - the boy who turns from like to toxic hatred in a heartbeat, the boy who switches among kindness and sheer violence within the blink of an eye fixed. The annihilation that the Redeemers search might be in Cale's fingers - yet his soul is much stranger than they can ever be aware of.

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Download E-books Shadowplay: Shadowmarch Volume II PDF

| December 8, 2016 | admin | 0

By Tad Williams

A yr in the past, the March Kingdoms have been at peace, and the Eddon relatives held the throne. Now the relatives has been shattered. King Olin Eddon is a prisoner in a far flung land, and Olin's inheritor Kendrick is dead--slain by means of treachery and darkish, bloody magic.

With their father and brother taken from them, the royal twins Barrick and Briony have performed their top to carry the dominion jointly, yet now Barrick has been captured in a failed struggle opposed to the immortal Twilight humans and Briony has been pressured to flee.

Behind the Shadowline, Prince Barrick is misplaced and spellbound within the land of the fairies, whereas Princess Briony reveals either allies and lethal enemies in unforeseen areas faraway from the land of her birth.

During their determined trips the twins observe that even a land's rulers may well comprehend little of its real historical past, and that either households and countries can conceal darkish and poor secrets.

But whether Barrick and Briony continue to exist studying the striking truths on the center in their circle of relatives and of Southmarch itself, they have to nonetheless have the opportunity to do the very unlikely: they have to reclaim their nation and rescue their domestic and other people from a mess of robust enemies--from traitors, tyrants, a god-king, or even the indignant gods themselves.

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