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Satakunta Enduro CUP ry. on enduron harraste- sekä muita urheilutapahtumia organisoiva järjestö. Se on myös enduroharrastajien etuja ajava rekisteröity yhdistys. Etuja ajetaan mm. järjestämällä erilaisia ajo-sekä valmennustilaisuuksia lajin harrastajille. Toiminta aloitettiin syksyllä 2003, yhdistys rekisteröitiin virallisesti elokuussa 2009.

Kuudes kerta toden sanoi

25.09.2016 | 16:54

Miesmuistiin ei ole Punkalaitumen seudulla ollut näin kuivaa syksyä. Tuo kallion ylittävä lähtönousukin pölisi reippaanlaisesti ajajien lähtiessä tutustumiskierrokselle. Huomaa portaattomasti säädettävä lähtöleimausalusta

Kuudes kerta ja senkun pidot aina paranee

Hyvä on ollut suuntaus kun aina ollaan pystytty vähän petraamaan myhäili Vaskunlahden Juha jolla tuo päävastuu reitistä oli tänäkin vuonna. Juha on jo toisen polven moottoriurheiluvetäjiä Punkalaitumella sillä hänen isänsä Esko Vaskunlahti oli jo 60-luvulla järjestämässä noita Lintukankaan motocross ajoja paikkakunnalla.

... selitys ...

"Kyllä se hyvin pitkälti on ton Seppon vika että täällä yleensä ajetaan" naureskelee Metsärannan tilan isäntä Arvo Marttila. Piti alunperin tehdä metsälenkki hevosille mutta alue oli liian kivinen ja kannokkoinen. Bensiinikannua tuomassa Seppo Manninen. Kuvan siisti Suzuki oli muuten sunnuntaina myynnissä joten kyselkää jos kiinnostaa, kuutioita taisi olla 65

Metsärannan kuninkuus 2016

Tämän vuotisen kuninkuuden vei siis nimiinsä Vantaan Janne Rantanen. Kovin pisti kampoihin kuitenkin viime vuotista kuninkuutta puolustanut Porin Juha Vuoriniemi Viimevuotinen Juhan 12 sekunnin kaula vaihtui nyt 10 sekunnnin kaulaksi Jannen eduksi. Kolmannelle pallille saatiin komeasti uutta voimaa Tampereelta, 125 kuutiosella ajanut Erkka Soilumo. Todennäköistä on että Erkasta saadaan vielä jatkossakin kuulla, sen verran enemmän kokemusta omaavia isompien pyörien kuljettajia tämä nuorimies ohitti.

- Metsäranta GP 2016 tuloksia napsauttamalla kelloa!

... selitys ...

Metsärannan kalliot vaan kumisivat kun kajautimme ilmoille laulun Arvon syntymäpäivän kunniaksi

Aloitimme ajajakokous-tilaisuuden klo 10:45

Me, "Metsärannan mieslaulajat" aloitimme ajajakokouksen kajauttamalla "dir.mus." Juha Vaskunlahden johdolla tilanomistaja Arvo Marttilan syntymäpäivän kunniaksi komeasti ilmoille Mildred J.Hillin sävelmän Happy Birthday / Paljon Onnea, suomalaiset sanat Sauvo Puhtila.
Toisena sävelmävaihtoehtona meillä oli plakkarissa Arvon mekin ansaitsemme, suomalainen vanha kansansävelmä. Katsoimme kuitenkin ensinmainitun riittäväksi tällä kertaa äänihuulten avaamiseksi.

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Santran Syheröt II

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Huippuolot Metsärannassa

12.10.2015 | 10:17

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Download E-books Bombay Bound PDF

| November 30, 2016 | admin | 0

By Richard Manton

Trained in Harvard and Trinity university, Oxford, Captain Charles De Vane is an not likely candidate for exposing the extra erotic points of Edwardian society. He subtitles his publication "Voluptuous Years because the Viceroy's Emissary within the Indian Rajah's Court" and contains the reader within the so much precise and intimate debts of his sexual escapades serving within the British military in South Africa and India in 1899. Leaving no sexual taboos untested or feats untried, Captain De Vane assessments the bounds of Edwardian society.

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Download E-books Insatiable: The Rise of a Porn Star PDF

| November 30, 2016 | admin | 0

By Heather Hunter

In an extraordinary glimpse on the actual lifetime of a porn big name, Heather Hunter stocks a fictional account encouraged by means of her personal emergence within the grownup movie with the tale of Simone younger. Simone is demise to turn into a celebrity yet her mom thinks if she's sufficiently old to stick out all evening partying, then she's sufficiently old to get a true activity. and that's precisely what Simone does, purely she unearths paintings in an international that alterations her lifestyles endlessly. while Simone's ally Carmen introduces her to the sport of intercourse paintings, she embarks on a course she may have by no means imagined. Heather Hunter's Insatiable is scorching sizzling erotica and a desirable examine the lifetime of a porn star.

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Download E-books Fifty Shades of Victorian Desire PDF

| November 30, 2016 | admin | 0

Lengthy sooner than the times of Christian gray and Ana Steele, the Victorian period was once a time of harmful ardour and insatiable hope. Fifty colours of Victorian hope unearths the key international of Victorian erotica, in a tantalizing anthology of lust, excitement and discomfort. This sensual assortment leaves no fable unexplored, no whip uncracked, no heaving bosom untouched, no maidenhood unravished. A classic global of erotic bliss, for the daring and adventurous reader.

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Download E-books Richard Kern: Model Release PDF

| November 30, 2016 | admin | 0

By Richard Kern, Lucy McKenzie

There's anything peculiar approximately Richard Kern's latest pictures. They're so clean.
These aren't standard soft-porn pictures of the look-at-me-so-young-and-sexy kind. From bondage to leather-based to latex to weapons, Kern is understood for incorporating the entire parts of fetish imagery into his images. nowadays, even though, his women are much less built. in addition they smile much.
Kern, lengthy thinking about the recent York punk scene, has won acceptance not just for his images but additionally for his underground brief movies of the 80s and 90s (in 1994 he additionally wrote and directed a video for the choice rock staff Marilyn Manson.)
This quantity gains Kern's contemporary paintings, a testomony to the hot part in his images. Saturated colours and shiny atmospheric lights intensify his pretty-but-not-perfect younger nude topics. nonetheless sticking with the "no airbrush" motto, Kern's unpretentious, sincere images draw the viewer in shut; occasionally it nearly appears like you're correct there. Imperfections galore, those subtle snapshots exhibit it love it particularly is. enthusiasts of Kern's earlier paintings will locate this new path clean.

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Download E-books To Romance a Charming Rogue (Courtship Wars, Book 4) PDF

| November 30, 2016 | admin | 0

By Nicole Jordan

The daring video games of ardour play out with scrumptious results during this fourth novel of Nicole Jordan's seductive new sequence, The Courtship Wars.

years in the past, full of life attractiveness Eleanor Pierce spied her rushing betrothed, Damon Stafford, Viscount Wrexham, along with his former mistress and furiously ended their engagement. Now the captivating rake is again in London, meddling in Eleanor's affairs, bent on thwarting her new suitor. And whilst Damon's intoxicating kisses re-light her inner most longing, Eleanor loses her heart... back. yet as she has no purpose of permitting background to copy itself, she embarks on a plan of tantalizing seduction, vowing to tame the rogue sooner than she surrenders to his depraved, willful desires....

made up our minds to prevent one other guy from wooing and profitable the girl he loves, Damon is aware that claiming Eleanor's center is all that concerns. yet this scandalously daring attractiveness capability to overcome him at his personal video game of romance - a video game he's prepared and prepared to lose.

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Download E-books The Burning City PDF

| November 30, 2016 | admin | 0

By Scott Taylor

The Burning urban runs alongside the razor’s side among horror and erotica. it is a e-book of loss, salvation, and a bond that won’t be damaged. the following water-born Wizards courageous insect infested pink deserts, amorous Succubi lord over far-flung slave camps, and a urban of mythical curses awaits new blood for its each thirsty population. If you’re able to have your pulse race and your mind's eye spurred with visions of a gloomy global, you then want move no further.

Torrent due to Kickstarter, which so far as i do know is the one position this e-book should be received.

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Download E-books Diary of a Parisian Chambermaid PDF

| November 30, 2016 | admin | 0

By Barry N. Malzberg, Claudine Dumas

The textual content, most likely spurious, was once present in the ruins of the lodge Calgary, Paris, on June 29, 1901. The authorship of this diary is unknown and it can't be traced. however it does supply a desirable account of what occurred there among one enterprising lass, her boss Sebastian, and plenty of guests.

Girodas desired to cross into co-partner enterprise with publishes who had pirated his titles, yet not anyone used to be — why pay out what that they had been getting at no cost? Plus Girodas had a few stigma connected to him…he used to be now not really welcomed within the united states, yet tolerated, and the feds have been searching for methods of having rid of him, which they ultimately did.

Meanwhile, Girodas came across traders and manage store, and one in all his writers was once then-young-up-and-coming Barry N. Malzberg, who had now not but made a reputation for himself in SF, and who have been promoting books to Midwood as Mel Johnson.

The Circle (1969) is considered one of Malzberg’s single-shot woman pen identify books — others are Diary of a Parisian Chambermaid as Pauline Dumas (Midwood’s vintage Collector’s sequence, 1969) and girl of 1000 Sorrows as Lee W. Mason (Playboy Press, 1977).

Barry Malzberg's champion novel

American technological know-how fiction writer Barry Malzberg has acknowledged that he as soon as wrote a unique in sixteen hours - and offered it to a writer. I've frequently questioned what the e-book was once and the way Malzberg pulled the item off. It needs to be the fastest-written novel ever that has been released by way of a advertisement publisher.

Then on the Fictionmags electronic mail record there has been a dialogue of stychomythia (in which a person says whatever and another person grabs the sentence and ends it, similar to Huey, Louie and Dewey do in Donald Duck). This has been extensively utilized in lots of paperback novels while a author desired to fill pages fast and wrote brief sentences that made up an entire paragraph (which would possibly not really be an instance of stychomythia). although, Malzberg wrote at the stated list:

I made my very own contribution to stychomythia in DIARY OF A PARISIAN CHAMBERMAID, Midwood Books 1969 (my 16-hour novel).
The protagonist wrote a poem.
Quite a protracted poem.
A lengthy poem of brief lines.
It absorbed 5 pages.
I consider the 1st line:
"Paris is a nipple."

I requested Malzberg extra approximately this and he wrote back:

[The booklet in query used to be] DIARY OF A PARISIAN CHAMBERMAID, by means of Claudine Dumas. Midwood Books 1969. 60,000 phrases. Written on St. Valentine's Day that yr. i'll do whatever like that during these years. Mozart wrote the Paris Symphony in 3 days. yet i'm no Mozart. neither is DIARY OF A PARISIAN CHAMBERMAID the Paris Symphony.

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